Men´s Circles – Why only men?

  • Has society not evolved beyond excluding women from men’s activities?
  • Is it not gender discrimination to have gatherings or programs exclusively for men?
  • Doesn’t this foster anti-feminist sentiments?
  • Is this merely about men who struggle to handle challenges posed by women and meet them on equal footing?

There’s no contradiction in acknowledging that men can greatly benefit from spending time together exclusively with other men while also recognising women (and non-binary individuals) as fully equitable contributors to society. While humans hold equal value, much of psychology, biology, and spirituality demonstrates that humans differ based on gender. These distinctions need not be seen as problems but rather as advantages to be cherished. While some claim that our environment solely influences us, it’s evident that men in general generally share similar roles, life experiences, expectations, and challenges.

We don’t seek to dictate to individual men how to be “real men” or undermine the feminine aspects of masculinity. Rather, we strive to recognize and address the needs that men may have to explore and develop themselves within a safe and supportive community of like-minded individuals. We believe that a healthy masculine culture can naturally emerge by bringing men together and consciously focusing on supporting each other in our lives, being honest about our weaknesses, and inspiring one another to achieve a higher standard and take responsibility.

To achieve this, we require our own space. Men possess a unique capacity to navigate disagreements and seek deeper truths together in a way that is not as feasible when women are present. When only men gather, it fosters a “desexualized space.” This implies that social intrigue, sexual competition, and complications are largely eliminated, allowing participants to experience safety and openness that can be challenging to attain in mixed-gender environments. By providing men the opportunity to share, listen, and learn from each other without a sexual or romantic dimension, an authentic and supportive atmosphere can emerge. These spaces pave the way for deeper exploration, particularly when it comes to sensitive and personal issues or topics related to men’s sexuality and body. This can contribute to heightened self-awareness, emotional growth, and a broader perspective on masculinity. This doesn’t exclude men with homosexual preferences, as long as a standard is maintained that maintains the space free from flirting and sexual or romantic interest.

By creating spaces where men can share, support, and inspire each other as a community, we can contribute to a healthier and more holistic understanding of masculinity and manhood. Here, we can also lay the foundation for friendships built on trust, honesty, and loyalty. This can also serve as a valuable complement to partnerships and relationships, as men can gain stronger self-confidence and a resource base that they can bring into their intimate relationships. When a man possesses a strong and supportive network of other men to handle life’s challenges, he is better equipped to bring more energy and direction into his intimate partnerships.

It’s crucial to emphasize that men’s circles should be inclusive and respectful, avoiding perpetuating or reinforcing negative stereotypes or fostering an unhealthy dynamic between the sexes. The goal is to create a space where men can explore, grow, and support each other in a constructive and enriching manner for all involved. This isn’t about excluding women or denying them access to specific areas or activities. It’s about recognizing that sometimes men may need specific spaces where they can share experiences and delve into deeper aspects of masculinity in the company of others.