Furtebua – Podcast (på Norsk)

A podcast about men, masculinity and self-development.

Our goal is to put into words men’s journey within self-development and shed light on topics that deal with masculinity and men’s role in sexuality, relationships and society in general. Together we take the trip into the “furtebua” and talk as openly, honestly and vulnerable as we can about ourselves and all these topics.

Our conversations are filmed and you can find our recordings on YouTube under the same name.

We have over 35 hours of recordings
You can find all the episodes (in norwegian) here: www.mannfolk.org/podcast-furtebua

Youtube: Furtebua

Spotify: Furtebua 

Apple Podcast: Furtebua

This podcast project is part of mannfolk.org, an organization for men’s work and men’s mental health.