Mannsarbeidet – Podcast (på Norsk)

Welcome to Mannsarbeidet, an in-depth podcast dedicated to male self-development. With your host, Anders Wilmann, and a varied selection of guests, we explore the challenges and opportunities linked to men’s growth and personal development.

Through honest interviews and in-depth conversations with leading figures in self-development and men’s work in Norway, we give listeners insight into various methods and approaches to personal growth for men. From exploring the many nuances of masculinity to dealing with emotional challenges and exploring the path to self-discovery, we tackle topics that are relevant to men today.

Whether you are a man seeking guidance and inspiration on your own journey towards personal development, or just curious about men’s work and its importance, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

We explore the path to male growth and development here in Mannsarbeidet podcast!

This podcast project is part of, an organization for men’s work and men’s mental health.

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